AC repair for Las Vegas

The Las Vegas area has been springing back from the recession, that it found itself in only a few short years ago. However the aftermath still continues. For several years homeowners did not do regular scheduled maintenance & service on their air conditioners. In many cases because the properties were in foreclosure the bank also did not manage the property. Today, even air conditioners that are less than 10 years old, are having unexpected problems. They are needing air conditioning repairs on things like compressors and fan motors, that should only be seen in order ac units.

The whole purpose of doing annual maintenance on your air conditioner is to avoid expensive ac repairs. In Las Vegas you just can’t live without an air conditioner. And if you just bought your home in Las Vegas you might find out this very point. If your home was purchased from a bank or as a result of a short sale purchase in all probability your air conditioner has been neglected for the past few years. This has shortened the life your central heating and cooling system.

If you are uncertain as to how strong your air conditioner is or you need an air conditioning repair right away you can contact any number of HVAC contractors. There are many that you could find in the yellow pages and on Google. Be sure to check the references and also get an upfront price and written estimate before you authorize any air conditioning repair in Las Vegas.

Some people use evaporator coolers. Those work very well in Las Vegas until the temperature gets over 105 degrees. Then it is almost a requirement that you have central air condition. Evaporator coolers also will not work if the humidity is especially high. The Las Vegas is not known for being humid there are a few hot summer days that turn rainy.

Before it gets too hot consider having your air conditioning serviced.

TNA heating and cooling offers a complete service for all air conditioning brands sold in Las Vegas. They can handle most repairs in just a few hours. And this year they are offering a three year warranty on parts and labor for any AC repair in Las Vegas that they do on your home.