AC repairs done right

Wow I was doing research on air conditioning repair companies I was forwarded a letter from a gentleman in Las Vegas. He wanted us to know about his experience with 3 different air conditioner repair companies.

AC repair needed? Make sure you get the best honest estimate

He got home one day last August to find that his air conditioner was blowing hot air. He got on the phone and started calling AC repair companies like TNA Heating and Cooling. the first one told him it was going to be an 80 dollar service call just to come out and tell him what was wrong with the unit. The second one would come out and do the estimate for free which sounded like a great deal to him.
He had the company that did the free estimate come out and take a look at his unit. They told him that the compressor was shot and given the age of the air conditioning unit as it was slightly over 10 years old they would suggest replacing the entire HVAC system. They explained to him that he would need to replace the outside unit that was on the ground, this part would be 4800 and that he would need to replace the gas furnace that works with it for 5100 they also wanted to re place most of the duct work that was in the attic the price tag for this was 3950
This was something that he just could not afford to do. He decided to call a couple more air condition repair companies to see what’s their pricing was. He called and they charge him a 20 dollar service fee and came out and diagnose the unit. The problem with the AC unit was a simple capacitor. They had it up and running very quickly and the AC repair bill was less then 200 dollars. They went up into the attic to check out the duct work as the other company it said that it was in bad condition and has numerous holes; they did find a few loose connections that they were able to repair for 65 dollars. He has said that he will never call a company that does free estimate again, as this one tried to cheat him.
We contacted and ask them if they come across this kind of blatant practice of taking advantage of customers, they said most of the time when someone calls about installing a new air conditioning unit it is, because another company has told them they have to replace the unit. They also said they always check out the existing AC unit and let the customer know if it can be repaired and how much that repair would run them.

They said that there are some instances where is it is in the customers best interest to replace the air conditioner. Most of the time when the air conditioner really needs to be replaced they are over 20 years old and have numerous potential problems, and instead of replacing every component in the air conditioner or expensive repairs such as a compressor, it would be less expensive in the long run to replace the unit. Due to the fact that customer would then have a 10 year warranty. But most of the time most air conditioning repairs are less than 1000 dollars. With most of them being quite a bit lower than that.
The trick it seems at least in the Las Vegas area is to find an air conditioner repair company that wants repeat customers, and not the ones that want to make a quick buck. When I did the research on I found that they are offering a 3 year warranty on all repairs. When asked why and how they could do this they responded that using good American made components is just slightly more expensive than using others, and while the manufactures warranty is normally only ninety days to one year most of the components will last three to five years. They feel that offering quality parts and a great and honest service to their customers, will grow their business into an air conditioner repair company that Las Vegas residence can trust.