Helpful Home Improvement Tips: Contracts

Every wonder what should be in a contracting contract?
Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Bohlman and I’m here to answer some of the most common questions that everyone has about dealing with contractors, general home improvement advice and financial transactions with contractors, also any other questions that you in the audience might have; and today I’ll be explaining some things that you should have in the contract you’ve made with your contractor.

Once you’ve centered on a contractor to work on your home the first thing you are going to do is agree to a contract. There are a lot of things that a contract can have in them, but I want to highlight the most important ones:

First and foremost make sure that you plan out the scope of work. This is putting on paper exactly what the contractor will do for the job and exactly what it means to get that job done. Knowledge is power on a contract and the more specific your contractor can get with you, the more you will know what exactly he is doing to complete your project.

It really helps to have a schedule of work. This includes beginning and end times and, depending on the project, any other yard markers that you write down. This also helps a lot when paying your contractor, which should also be stipulated in the contract. Contractors often will want some money up front, maybe a payment midway through if it’s a large project, and then a final payment upon completion. If you have these yard markers set in advance, then anytime he reaches these you can pay him a little more.
Also be sure and put into your contract if your contractor is going to use any subcontractors, and for which jobs. This gives you an opportunity to see how many different people you’re going to be working with and how many people are going to be working on your project.

All in all, the more detailed your contract, the better you are. You can ask your contractor to list pricing per item, you can have them put down their specific responsibilities, even the suppliers that they’re getting their material from. The more detail you can have.

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